our vision

Providing quality, reliable and qualified service, fulfilling the demands and expectations of our customers at the highest level ensures the satisfaction of our customers and our employees.
Being a global, reliable, developing company that is proud of its stakeholders in the field of household washing machines
Being a world company that develops continuously with the aim of leadership
Realizing awareness of the environment and social responsibility, giving direction to the sector
Being a business based on trust with suppliers

our mission

It is our first priority to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner by producing in quality with a reputation in the sector.
Our Company; We have adopted the principle of growing all the time with the products that we have developed and completed with the use of modern technology in a sensitive manner to public health and environment by ensuring the safety of our employees.
Sumak Carpet Washing Machines, Domestic and Opportunity Overseas markets carry out the sales of their products with a customer oriented approach
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