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  • The importance given to innovation and R & D
  • Clear quality understanding of development and continuous improvement,
  • Environmentally friendly products

Our company; carpet clamping machines, automatic carpet washing machines and carpet cleaning machines. Our products are sold to four corners of our country and exported abroad as well.

Our company, which acts with the principle of being a reliable institution, keeps production and service quality at the highest level in order to make this principle a corporate culture.

Our machines; Because it is 100% domestic production, spare parts of our machines are both abundant and very economical. Our products are also guaranteed for 2 years.

Our company continuously develops product and service qualities together with high automation and flexibility concepts to provide better quality products and more comprehensive support.

Our company, which has the necessary materials, knowledge, team and equipment to fulfill its commitments in a timely and complete manner, always aims to do its best and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Our company is constantly active in service quality, moving to higher levels.

From the date of the establishment of our company, it has been a guarantee of providing experience, validity and credibility to its customers as much as it is daily. Our motto; customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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